Saturday, December 13, 2008

The re-return

So, trying to get back to the blogging thing. And not because I feel some sort of compulsion to exhibit my life, which I do, of course. That complusion is getting deeper and spreading farther afield. I'm facebooking now, and I just started twittering or tweeting or whatever the hell you call it. The point is I'm writing again. Right now, I'm absolutely murdering Mythic Structures, my novel, but I'll get into that over on access the process, one of my other blogs.
Now that I've been at this for awhile (admittedly all of my blogs have been in hibernation for quite some time), it occurs to me that it might've made more sense to make all my blogs one, and just have different sections for each of the overarching topics. One of these days I'll get around to reviving ye' olde' html skills, and doing a total redesign and get rid of the, not awful but just overused and so overseen, templates blogger offers up.
The point I was going for was that I'm back, baby, and better than ever. Well, I will be. I think.
I am going to start posting video and audio. All self-generated stuff though, no links to the outside world. That is one thing this blog will always be is intensely and almost exclusively self-referential cause I'm just that egomaniacal. I really am.
Okay, so, good to be back.