Monday, April 27, 2009

tantamount to laughter

If magical thinking existed not as a psychosis but as a real thing, how would that work. I mean, how would you get it? Would it just be something you either had or didn't, or could you develop your magical thought abilities? By fixating on your own megalomania for example. I think that's how I got mine. That's right. Augusten Burroughs isn't the only one who can claim to have magical thought powers just because some ad exec he hated died.
I won't say that the Bush administration was my fault entirely, but I will shoulder a certain amount of responsibility for having been in such a deep denial about the connection between all this outward irresponsible destruction and my own internal irresponsibility and destructiveness, which is how all that nonsense got past the web of my magical thought. I also should accept my culpability in the Red Sox collapse in '03. You guys can stop blaming Pedro and Grady Little. It had more to do with universal forces showing me the deepness of the metaphor of baseball as life, my life specifically.
I'll try to do better for big B now that he's up in the White House. He may not need as much of my magical thinking as Dubya did. Lord knows he needs all the help he can get, and truthfully psychosis isn't really that disfunctional. At least, not anymore. It's practically an adaptive strategy for post-modern living.