Monday, March 10, 2008


I was editing an old blog entry from access the process, and I couldn't decide if whether was the proper spelling. It seemed wrong, but I couldn't remember, so I hit up to look it up. When I typed in wether, it turns out that this actually means a castrated sheep. Also today's word of the day is inchoate, which isn't that exciting but still okay. Yesterday's was gewgaw, which is pretty awesome. I love the dictionary, but not as much as I love the thesaurus. I wonder if I would love a rhyming dictionary. I bet I would.


Rachelskirts said...

Haha, loved this entry. Amusing and educational. You also just earned even more cool points for loving dictionaries and thesauruses.

The Brown Dog Affair said...

So my cool point score is something like two now. Exciting. I feel almost on my way to being not quite cool.