Sunday, May 10, 2009

In the general categories of reclassification

Before I get started, I just have two words (actually three letters) about how Alex Rodriquez came back so quick from that surgery: HGH. It can't currently be detected, so the only way to get caught is if you're supplier gives you up. No piss test will pick it up.

Regardless, Manny, oh, Manny, I really hope you're telling the truth. And if you can't prove your innocence than just keep quiet. Don't say peep (while I'm doing business here).

And if this rumor about Ortiz being on the list of 104 is true. I will be truly heartbroken.

Again, regardless. I spent my Thursday this past Thursday meeting with the head of the Economics Dept. at U-Mass, and it was very productive. I'll be sitting in on 6-8 classes over the next two years, hopefully collecting research and data for my tentatively titled book:
Applied Superstructure Theory in Political Economics/ The case for a compherensive philosophy of economic pluralism as a transitionary economic structure hopefully helping to move farther in the direction of a cooperative political economy.

And got tix for the Bo-Sox tomorrow. Hope Beckett can get his groove back.
I'll say the same thing for myself, and all those who lost their grove somewhere along the way.

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