Monday, August 10, 2009

dribble, dribble (fragments)

Last night, there was an a capella version of A-ha's Take On Me on the local college radio station. It was this whole chorus of singers doing the melodic parts and a guy beat boxing, and it was just about the most awesomest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. It was pretty rad.

I took my car to a guy my friend suggested today, and he's definitely out on the rim. While we waited for his body work guy to come over and check out the damage, we discussed the nature of gates into parallel dimensions. He also laughs volubly and suddenly. It's way cool. I've never met a mechanic before who's shop is half sculpture studio, and he had all these metal work sculptures with different aspects of religious symbolism worked into them. We drank tea, and he told me I need to discover the material, size, and form of the trans-dimensional gate. And to remember that we can be god-like in these other dimensions. He also told me I needed to ask my friend to marry me, and was very serious about this. At the very least, I'm told I need to join e-harmony. I'm sticking to the gates though.

I've been ignoring all of my other books except Pynchon's new Inherent Vice cause it's just that good. It's an amazing confluence of style and substance, and I'm really digging it. It's groovy, man, and also set in the late sixties, and everybody talks in that obnoxious sixties hippie vernacular. Somehow Pynchon manages to balance that obnoxiousness with a really perfect stylistic pitch.

I don't have anything much to say really. It's just that I didn't want that last post to be at the top of the blog for any longer than it already has. So, well...yeah.

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