Sunday, December 23, 2007

The unbearable lightness of blogging

I had never actually read a blog, but since I'm a fountain of oppionation, it seemed like it would be the right fit. I love to talk endlessly about my life and ideas and whatever else comes into my head, and I had this idea in my head that that was what blogging was all about. So I thought it might be a good start to actually read a blog, and so far I'm highly unimpressed. I was thinking it would be a little more substantial, mostly it seems like people just recount the days events, which is really not to my interest. Well, since I've only actually looked at two I can't really be considered an expert. I did check out some kind of blog popularity rating system, and found out that the most popular blogs are about technology and gossip, which I think speaks volumes about the world we live in.
Anyway, here is my entry into the increasingly blogomaniacal world. I composed this opening blog in my head about fifty times before I finally sat down to write, and it was infinitely more interesting than I've been able to capture here, which is the story of my life. It's always more interesting in my head, and I mean that in a semi-objective way, not in some sort of seemingly self-deprecatory way. As much as one can be objective about one's own internal dialogue...well, whatever. I'm getting away from myself here.
So, I'm being told that it's time to interact with real people and do Christmasy stuff. I would so much rather write anonymous, nonsensical persiflage to a currently nonexistant audience than actually talk to people, but since it involves playing with my one year old niece, I'll acquiesce. So, here I am blogosphere, hear me roar.

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