Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pass the what?

I definitely throw out some fairly incomprehensible cultural reference sometimes. I'm also a fan of the non-sequitor blogtitle. It has also become clear that I'm on a non-stop digression to ultimate dementia, so there's something to look forward to. Now there's an idea, a blogger with dementia. I think I would actually like to read that blog strange as it may seem. I'm listening to a Chuck Palaniuk audiobook that's somewhat of an autobio, and he talks about volunteering at an old folks home to help people with Alzeheimer's by going through their old photos and trying to help them remember. He said that people would come up with different stories every time, which is so odd and fascinating. Are they just making stuff up, or do they really believe that these constantly changing story's are the truth? Obviously, they don't know the stories changing,, the deterioration of the mind is a scary thought sometimes.

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