Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seraphim tendencies

I am an unfortunate sufferer from this angelic problem in that I remove myself from the world that exists 'out there', and tend to just waddle away in my own little corner of the universe. I don't think that I actively disengage, but I'm ultimately fairly disengaged from the world we live in. I used to get pretty worked up about politics, and I actually used to do a lot of volunteer work. In the end, I just felt like it wasn't adding up to anything but frustration and disenchantment. So, now I live in obliviousness, and it is truly that. I've been ranging around ye' olde interweb, and I've yet to come up with anything even vaguely similar in tone to my blogstyle, which is not entirely suprising. I wouldn't expect the whole world to heap overheated cynicism onto a beleagured world, but I figured there'd be a few more of us than I seem to find. I mean come on, where's all the vague abstractionists who ponder wanderously about whatever comes into their heads. I can't be the only one.

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