Friday, February 8, 2008

Cross over consternation

So, mostly I'm gonna talk about the Cat Power show from last night over on The Dancing fool, but I did want to just quickly rant about the whole thing a little bit here. I just sent my first ever e-mail to a journalist with a quick semi-constructed outline of my concerns about the lack of dancing in the modern world. Not that it isn't out there, but some of my favorite bands or performers to go see (i.e. anything under the monicker indie-rock, alt-country, etc) are conspicously missing any type of body rockin' on their scene. It really sucks for me, and maybe one or two other people.
I'm not going to get too far into how shitty some of the Village Voice stuff was other than to say even slightly implying that Chan Marshall might be a better performer if she didn't totally have her shit together is pretty low, especially considering were that poor girl has beeen in her life. Whatever, take the performance as it is, and comment on that, but snide remarks about her personal life are highly unnecessary. What is the great fascination with the personal lives of writers and artists anyway? Can't we just take there work on it's merits and leave the rest alone anyway?
Okay, I got farther into that than I had planned, but sometimes the underground crowd can be totally cannabalistic when one of their own actually gets some mainstream success or recognition. Arright, down boy, down. So, let me first say that some of this frustration could be avoided if places like the Orpheum in Boston, which has seats that people have a tendency to overuse in my opinion, might consider having a dancing section. I know that sounds a little silly, but people who don't want to dance get annoyed by us, and those of us who want to dance get seriously impaled on the let's all just watch phenom.
I just don't get it. I really don't. It's one of the few types of entertainment that you can really engage on a spiritual level, and people just sit there like it's a rerun of MASH. Not that you absolutely have to dance to get a spiritual or intense emotional experience from a musical performance, it can be done through passive reception, but come on right, don't we have enough passive amusements in our world and lives. It won't kill you to dance, I promise. Just try it once.
(Sorry I know that's really uptight and pretentious, but it's how I feel)

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