Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Let's get together and talk about the modern age

"All of our friends were gathered there with their pets just talking shit about how we're all so upset about the disappearing ground...as we watch it melt. It's all the good that won't come out of us, and how eventually our hands will just turn to dust if we keep shaking them, standing here on this frozen lake"-Rilo Kiley: The good That Won't Come out of Us, The Execution of All Things

I am so hooked on this band. I have an unabashed love of the female voice, and Jenny Lewis is tops in that department, so angelic and devastating, but lyrically they just blow me away sometimes. They can really hit it in so many ways: moody, playful, sorrowful, delicate. It's all so danceable and makes for a killer soundtrack for the movie of my life that has been fully enabled by the now part of my person ipod. I'm on my way to owning every album they've recorded.
Admittedly, that's not like saying I'm on my way to owning every Zappa album, a project I gave up on after I had to abandon all my vinyl in Memphis. Someday I'll reclaim them, but for now most of my Zappa and jazz resides with my friend Josh back in the 'phis. It's a bummer because I definitely get Zappa cravings, and with my newfound desire not (that's right NOT) to steal anymore music over the internet, it's hard to keep to my alloted 10 bucks a week music budget and still satisfy my burgeoning cravings for disparate musical fixes. I really do need to get back on the Zappa train. He was just so freakin' ironic way before that was the totally hip thing to do. It makes me laugh and praise.

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