Monday, February 4, 2008

The Bloggfather

So, I've now got seven blogs going, which is insanely manic, but I'm not yet done. I'm gonna get a vblog into the action, which I'm totally psyched about. It's still in the works (i.e. I'm still too broke to buy a, but I'll get there hopefully before the summer. I do like the idea of using multiple formats to bring out different aspects of my personality, but I do think maybe I'm being a little nutzo on the whole thing. Whateva'; kiss the ring and bow to my blogmight. Oh, so silly. I really like to work over ways to combine different words with the word blog. My favorite one so far is bloggiestyle, but this is the first use I've made of it.
Anyway, I've also got a new favorite word, which is ultimately. It was a close race with essentially and the old standbys anyways and regardless, but ultimately (see how final and staid that word can be) none of them have the staying power and utility of ultimately. MMMmmmm, words!

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