Sunday, February 3, 2008

Singing to the strangers; half scaring them to death

Wow, was I massacred last night. I got pretty good and drunk last night, which means about a half dozen cocktails for me (and that means I'm doing pretty durn good with that whole thing). While I'm generally more prone to at least desire moderation and not trumpet drunkenness, I am always in favor of wandering around improvising songs at the top of yr lungs even if it does get you some aberrant looks. I could not stop the lyrics that have been dormant in some recess of my brain for way too long. Now I've written some song lyrics recently, but that's a totally different process than just belting out whatever unadorned wierdness is flitting around those crazy neural cavities o' mine. It was just a lot of fun. I danced like a wildman to Prince, Luna, Joi, and some others, and I roamed the streets with my ipod headphones half on singing newly minted lyrics to those very same songsters' melodies. What fun, what fun, what fun is there in the streets of my mind to lose and calm the winds of rising fear...How for so long can we hold back the storm of emerging intemperance without the attendant hurricane that must follow, eh? So silly.

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