Saturday, February 2, 2008

From the haze of sleep

I was in the midst of one of those days yesterday when the ideas are coming so fast that it's all I can do to try and hold on and get some of them down on paper. Eventually the importance of sleep becomes preeminent over anything short of rock the casbah style stellar ideation given the fact that I have to be at work @ 4 in the AM, so I manage finally to shut down the old mainframe after many fruitless attempts and get into some sleep. The problem is when you have a day like that it just transitions (for me). I realize three hours later that I'm awake again and in the midst of some really superconscious ideational cycles. It then becomes a thing to try and catalogue any and all the stuff coming down. I woke up, actually I became aware of wisps of jarring conscious ideas seeping into my reality, as I was apparently building a band of characters for a new song cycle that I recall vaguely laying out the outlines for, but now the whole thing is just like it was in a dream, just barely there.
Still there was more material and I spent the first hour at work scribbling little notes to try and get all the ideas down so that I could try and sort through them later. It is a productive yet complicated process using the transition between sleep and wakefulness; A kind of slow burn to consciousness that requires all the faculties of concentration to maintain a connection to the ideas that are churning around in the head. It still always feels like you miss so much.

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